Sunday, May 23, 2010

will a antibiotic clean out your system of marijuana?

No, but quitting it will ~~~
No. It's not a bacteria.
It's "an antibiotic" and if you believe one will clean your system of weed, you've been smoking too much!
No. Antibiotics kill bacteria. They do not get rid of toxins from your body.
No, but exterminator or terminator (i forgot the name but it's one of those) will get rid of all traces of drugs in your system. Trust me. It costs like $50 though for one dose of it.
Antibiotics kill bacteria. I don't believe that any residual components of the canabis molecule would fit that description.
no. Antibiotics are used to wipe out microorganisms, not remove pot...
No. Try LOTS of cranberry juice and get some Goldenseal from your local vitamin store.
no, and if you're stupid enough to smoke it then you deserve to keep it in there a while, making you sicker and sicker
Antibiotics are for infections. I've never heard of an antibiotic to clean out mj.
NO. Since it's natural, it has to work it's way out. If it was chemical it would be rejected by your body in just a few days. If you smoke a lot or recently it could take as much as 30 days to completely leave your body.
YA MAN thats right. I did it once and i think it worked.
if you're lookin to pass a test...look into some stuff called "The Stuff". i dont smoke but i know people who tried it and they say it worked for them.
no. antibiotics do not "clean" anything from your system. antibiotics kill bacteria.if you want more information about your issue, try:STEAL THIS URINE TEST: Fighting Drug Hysteria in America by Abbie Hoffman
yeaah, sure. that's the ticket.
an antibiotic will not clean out your system of marijuana. an antibiotic will help the body's immune system fight against bacteria. Marijuana is a stimulant, if you want to clear it out, stop smoking it and drink lots of water. Eventually your liver will clean the body out of the toxins. Water helps your circulation become more efficient.
No, but if your lucky it will clean out your colon of all friendly bacteria, leaving you with a nasty case of diarrhea.

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