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Will medical science increase the general age of the population?

If I am 40 now, how old can I expect to become?
yes it has been happening I guess thats politics to.Just study the history of life expectancy. We no longer have many things that could wipe you out to worry about do to vacination and miracle drugs like penicillian. Think about it in time of Jesus Christ the life expectancy was probably less than 33 1000 later in 1069 William the Conquer didnt make out of his 40s... It was still really low when Colubus discovered the Americas like 40 or so only since the last fifty years has people been able to live till 77Yet in Egypt 5000 years ago you had a pharroh live to 100. So they have increased but the limit is the same as always 120 and medicine cannot do it all your genes also does some to. And everyone is different so all medicines dont work for all people
THats why its so hard to diagnois or treat anybody because you dont know the exact complete state of that person like say a computer would need to know before it tried to fix what has them out of balance chances are many things and when they are sick a doctor will fix the main things because we have no test to give the exact and complete state of a human being. In which case the doctor job would be easy just solve the equation and find the best rememedy to put them back in balance but yes life expectancy due to advances in medicine have always been going up.Check the stats
that's a question for the politics and government section i think
it really depends on your own life decisions - diet, exercise, sexual activity, etc - however, technology is now availlable, for the extremely wealthy, to prolong life to the 140 year range!
Yes it will and has.Life expectancy is a function of more than just the therapies available to a given population ... it is the average number of years of life remaining to a number of people of a given age according to a given mortality table.Therefore, it is dependent on lifestyle, geographic location, nutrition, hygiene, exercise, genetics, and many other factors.The average life expectancy in the United States at this time is 77 years 5 months.Women typically outlive the average by several years.

will lortab show up as anything in just a normal drug test. one that tests for THC,opium,cocaine and meth.?

will lortab show up as THC, opiums, cocaine or methamphetimines
Yes. Lortab is a narcotic. The "metabolites" that are measured in the test will show positive for narcotics/opiates. They ask you ahead of time what meds you are on, if you declare them it should not be a problem.
LORATABS DO SHOW UP! They show up as a drug and they stay in your system for ever.--bowski--
so long as you got a script for them and let the drug tester know you take these it will be ok
Lortab contains the narcotic hydrocodone and will show up in a urine drug screen as an opiate. Your urine will test positive for approximately three days after your last dose. If you have a valid prescription for Lortab you don't need to worry,
it will come up as "opiums" (opiates).. 3-5 days and its out of your system.
Even though it's a controlled substance, it will not show up on your drug test b/c it does not test for any of the drugs you mentioned (maybe opiates...not sure on that though). Also, if anything shows have an alibi. Make sure a drug tester knows before embarking on the journey of a drug test lol.

will lorazepam 0.5 mg make you high?

will lorazepam 0.5 mg make me high? or "chill"? is it good for stress?
No. you won't even know you'd taken it.It's good for relieving the symtoms of stress and anxiety as are all benzodiazepams. This is a very low dose, you will probably not feel any physical effect, but you may be less stressed!
Consult your doctor. Don't take any medicine that is not prescribed to you!
wut's that? sleeping pills?

Will looking at "trees" improve your eyesight?

I hvae extreme nearsightedness on one eye, and my other eye is "farsighted"(about 15/20 vision but cannot see close objects as good as my other eye) Can looking at trees over a long period of time improve your eyesight? And do you look at the trees with or without the glasses?(or contacts)
Hardly. Anymore than looking at hookers will improve your sex life.
It could help, but of course, you will lose all ability to see the forest. Do you really want to run that risk?
I have never heard this before.
I did hear something about carrots.
Of course not. See a doctor and get a proper prescription. Forget all the stupid, crazy remedies people with no brains tell you about and the paid whores on radio and TV push. One bunch is stupid, lazy and crazy, hardly the best to listen too and the other couldn't care less if you lose your first born child to zombies so long as they get paid so why do you think the pseudo-science they peddle is worthwhile. SEE (pun intended) a doctor!

Will lamictil (bipolar medication) make weight loss drugs (phentermine) LESS effective?

I am taking lamitogrine (Lamictil) for bipolar I...but also am taking a amphetime sytle weight loss medication (phendimentrazie.soon to change to phentermine). Will the lamicital reduce the effects of weight loss drug? [these are both prescriptions, but neither doctor knows i am on the other]
OH MY GOSH!! You have to be honest with your doctors! You have enough to deal with just with being Bipolar.. Medications definetly affect other medications. I would drop the weight-loss medication, because it is more important to keep your mind normal than your weight. If you want to lose weight, drop pop and try an easy exercise that you've always liked. I've had two brothers that were Bi-polar. They both took their lives because they wouldn't take medication.Keep your chin up!
Ask your pharmacist.
antidepressants may decrease anorectic response so yes it can make the weight loss drugs less effective.
Obviously the doctors don't know about each other. No reputable physician would consider allowing you to take the two together. You pretty well deserve what you get, and you're probably hypomanic right now to think you're being smart to play this kind of game. Come clean with your shrink. You need it.

will it hurt a person to take tramadol while taking methadone?

methadone is a narcotic blocker. tramadol is not a narcotic, but is used for pain
I wouldn't do it. I know they're both pretty powerful and both mood altering. I know that junkies use both so I would not combine them together, you really shouldn't need to. Methadone is usually used when someone is trying to get off drugs. Tramadol may not be a narcotic and may not be controlled but it probably should be as it definately alters the mood.
should be fine. is a narcotic tho.. a U-opiate agonist. tramadol isnt an antagonist at all so it wont put u in withdrawal.. be careful man. there is no interaction besides being really drugged up... its funny, cuz i was in ur situation like 5 years ago and had a ton of it and didnt know if i could.. i was scared it was an antagonist... never ended up taking it.. and luckily i dont take anything now.

Will it be possible to cure aging one day with advanded technology?

what is everyones obsession with immortality? by the way, if I were a Jehovah's Witness, the answer to your question would be yes.
What do you mean "cure aging"? Aging isn't a disease, it's a natural and beautiful process. Do you mean "curing" the physical "symptoms" of aging, like dry skin and wrinkles? Yeah, there will probably be more advanced treatments for that. Do you mean "curing" it in the sense of living forever? I hope not. Death is a natural part of they cycle of life, and keeps populations in check. Do you mean curing age related diseases like altzheimers? I hope so. Altzheimers scares me.
I don't believe that aging will ever be completely eliminated due to the nature of biological systems. It may be drastically slowed down, but eventually cells wear out and die. However, I am confident that lifespans will be greatly expanded...possibly indefinitely. The solution is continual cell replacement. As cells wear out over time and die, they can be replaced with brand new genetically identical cells grown from instructions in your DNA. For example, when your liver wears out, it is simply replaced with one genetically identical and in the shape yours was when your were 20. I think the advancements in this type of organ replacement technology we'll see in the next several decades will be amazing. It is definitely something to look forward to.So I think the answer to stopping death lies not in eliminating aging, but with replacing the cells that do age.
Only if you find a way to stop time.
Yes, suspended animation, which scientist tested on numerous animals, leading to the animals waking up from the dead. Which will, eventually lead to, testing it on humans, giving us some type of "extended lifespan". Because of the lack of expertise, there have been few cases were these animals had brain damage.
I suppose the answer rests partly in your basic beliefs about science and God. I do not think that we will ever be able to 'cure' aging- because I believe that this is, ultimately, in God's Hands. However, it is truly amazing what science has been able to do to 'ease' aging... the body, however, always seems to wear out, no matter how many advancements medicine makes... just my thoughts!
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