Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why was Quinine really taken off the market?

I have Lymes disease and associated muscle spasms of external muscles and internal organs...very painful. All that works to relieve pain is
this medication. It has been used for over two hundred years for malaria. Now, the FDA of US has decided it causes heart palpatations.
I think they Big Business have invented another drug that they want to sell at a high price and have to get this one off the market first.
I am a nurse and have never seen this drug cause problems...if heart palpatations occured...they had this condition before the drug was administered. NiElli
If it has not yet been taken off the market it should be for various reasons . Before it went off the market it was being used as an anti-arrythmic drug with its well -known side effect i.e. negative inotropic on the heart muscle thus decreasing the contractility of the myocardium.It is just deadly by its depressant action on the heart.Originally extracted by the South American Indian from the bark of a tree , it cured the malaria but left the patient in intractable heart failure, very often leading to death attributed to the Malaria.I am glad to see that its analgesics potency has been kept in many other products without the deadly side effect.
isnt it in Tonic water?
Quinine has been used for many years.. both for cramps and for maleria. I did not know it was off the market... bummer...
Quinine does have a cardio toxicity effect in which it may cause arrythmias usually tachyarrythmias meaning a fast heart rate and sometimes hypotension. Besides this effect it can also cause hypoglycemia (a fall in blood glucose levels. It has many other adverse effects apart from these but these are rare in occurence. None the less quinine is still used in many third world countries as the main stay treatment of severe malaria. here in Tanzania it is the thirdline treatment of malaria and the only treatment for severe or complicated malaria. Why would the US government decide to venture on another drug and withdraw quinine from the market? Well that to me is a political issue rather than a real medical concern. Politicians do it all the time (they go for all the goodies that will be in their best interest).
you people are STUPID...quinine isnt off the market...i filled some today!..just 1 of the strengths was taken off..150 mg or 200 mg i believe...quinine is still readily dispensed and stands as the #1 anti-malarial drug available
Please do your research before posting.Thanks
try quinine water

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